Organisational Tips for Storing Your Wine at Home

Your wine needs to be properly stored if you don’t want any damage. If you have a wine collection, you have to think of a logical way to store your wine. This article provides tips on storing your wine at home without any hassle.

You need a wine cabinet with a fridge because it is important to preserve the taste and value of your wine. There is no general way of storing your wine; you can decide to store your wine anyhow you like. However, it would help if you considered better options to store your wine.

Consider these organisational tips to preserve your wine

Tip 1: organise your wine based on the brand, variety, price, region, and colour.

Price — A wine’s price can indicate how long it should be matured. Similar-priced wines are frequently stored together. This will make keeping track of when each piece of your collection should be consumed much easier.

Region — Wines from similar parts of the world can be stored together to make it easier to select a bottle for a given meal or occasion. Organise your wine collection according to their region to be easy for you to locate.

Color — For new collectors who only need a basic way to keep track of their wines, organizing by color is a suitable alternative. You can use a red wine fridge to store your wine.

Brand – If you prefer to buy wine in bulk, storing it by brand is especially helpful. This will allow you to categorise each brand by varietal, vintage, and other factors. On the other hand, you can organise your wine based on the variety.

Tip 2: identifiable wine tags

Using wine bottle tags is a good way to organise your wine. It allows you to locate your wine easily. All you have to do is name each tag according to the brand, variety, or region it was made. You can get reusable wine bottle tags that you can reuse.

Tip 3: place favourite wines in easily accessed areas

Wines that you prefer drinking regularly should be positioned in an accessible area. Also, wines you are storing for a short time should be stored within sight to ensure your convenience. Based on your preferences, you can organise some close to the floor of your wine cooler, some close to the door of your wine storage or at the far end of your wine storage

Tip 4: record your inventory

Record your inventory after arranging your wine collection. Keep track of the following information: area, brand, varietal, vintage, price, and quantity. For easy access, you may even specify the shelf or position in your storage area.

You can also keep track of your wine collection using computer tools and smartphone apps.